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Haircut for a Lumpy Head

Q: I recently got a short haircut, but I noticed for the first time that my skull is lumpy and I have to do a faux hawk every day. My head is round. What is the best haircut for me except for a faux hawk? Something easy and good for everyday life.
A: Actually, with a round head/face, you need to have a style that emphasizes some verticality in the overall look. That means length and volume in the top of the head. This could easily be the faux hawk you mention or could be any other short on the sides, longer on top style that you desire - so long as you keep to the vertically-focused silhouette.
You also want to stick to a hairstyle that is scissor cut or razor cut as opposed to using a clipper that follows the contours of your head. Clippers allow the hair to be cut much shorter easily because the guides maintain the length while the blades follow the shape of the skull. However, if your head is "lumpy" and you cut the hair too short, the contours of your skull will show up in the lengths of the hair.
By sticking with scissor cutting, the stylist cuts the lengths using pre-established "guide cuts" to keep the ends of the hair even. This can allow you to mask almost any shape of skull. And a stylist skilled in scissor-over-comb cutting, can get very short lengths that avoid the pitfalls of contoured skulls as well.
So, the bottom line is that your specific haircut is your choice, but you want to make sure to keep the style longer and fuller on top so that you can make the face and head look longer and more oval.
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