Chlorine and Hair Color

Hair with a green tint
Photo: Lithian/Shutterstock
Q: Can hair coloring turn my hair green if I'm exposed to a lot of chlorine (swimming pool)?
A: Yes. The chlorine in swimming pools can react with the base color of some hair color formulas (particularly those that have blue, blue-violet and violet bases) and can result in greenish tinges.
We all know that exposure to chlorine bleach can result in yellowing in many other fibers, particularly in natural fibers such as wool. Hair is a naturally grown fiber and generally responds in much the same way.
When the chlorine reacts with the pigments in the hair to disperse them, the heat created by the chemical reaction can cause the chlorine to induce some yellowing.
The yellowing combined with the base colors of the hair color found in the hair can result in greenish tints to the hair.
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