Cut and Style Wigs

Woman who is wearing a wig
Photo: LightField Studios/Shutterstock
Q: I wear wigs and the wig salon owner does not style or cut the wig the way I want. Can I learn how to cut and style my own wigs?
A: Sure. It will take practice, and you will need some guidance.
My recommendation, given that you don't intend to pursue cosmetology as a career, is that you contact local beauty schools and look for a student near completion of his/her hours and ask for assistance in cutting and styling the wigs you want managed.
The student will be able to share with you the basic instruction, and will likely not charge you an exceptional amount for the time spent.
If you already feel comfortable with the idea of cutting hair, you can get some inexpensive wigs and read up on the various haircutting articles we have here on and get some information to help you practice, until you feel comfortable working your "live" wigs (those you intend to wear).
The student can show you the basics of haircutting techniques and you can purchase a few cheap wigs to practice on. I highly recommend using inexpensive wigs as opposed to your "favorite" ones. Aside from the fact that human hair wigs can be very expensive, using your favorites for practice means that if you make a mistake you lose that favorite wig.
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