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Get Curly Hair Back

Q: Can you help? I gave birth for the 2nd time a year ago, just after that my dad died so for the last year have been under a lot of stress. After giving birth I lost lots of hair but it started growing back but I now think the stress of the last year has taken its toll. I have naturally curly hair but can't get it to curl anymore so I have to put it up every day.
My hair is dry and flyaway. I have it highlighted but always had. I don't do anything differently. This problem is really getting me down. My ends are really dry and damaged. Do I have to wait for it to grow? Shall I have it all cut off? I want my curly hair back. I have been to the doctor and was tested for Iron and Zinc levels which are fine. Please help!

A: My initial thought is that you are probably suffering from stress-induced problems with your hair. It is possible that your hair has changed slightly during the last couple of years of growing and therefore may not be as curly as it used to be.
If your doctor has ruled out any medical issues for the change in your hair's condition, then I recommend you begin by giving yourself a twice-weekly deep-conditioning treatment, as well as making certain to condition your hair every day - whether or not you shampoo. A few weeks of this should help to restore the moisture and shine of your hair. After a couple of weeks, however, if your hair ends aren't in any better condition, you should consider having them trimmed away.
Provided your hair is in good enough condition, you may also want to look into getting a body wave service performed to help your hair hold curl and make it easier to style.
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