Cornrow Braids and the Length of Hair

Hair with cornrow braiding
Photo: Koldunov/Shutterstock
Q: If you're white, how long does your hair have to be to get it styled in cornrow braids?
I'm a 17-year-old white girl and I want to get my hair done before school starts but my hair is only going to be a little bit shorter than shoulder length. School starts in August, so can I get it styled in cornrow braids this short?

A: Regardless of your ethnicity, a good hairdresser experienced in braiding the hair, can create cornrows for you with hair that is at least two inches long. In some cases the hair could even be shorter, depending on the skill level of the stylist doing the braids.
Curly, coarse hair can be more easily braided because the hair is more easily locked into formation. If your hair is very straight and smooth, the stylist may recommend that you get your hair permed before the braiding.
This is not uncommon, but you need to consider the condition of your hair before such a chemical service and be sure to follow the care instructions carefully afterward.
I definitely recommend you visit someone who is trained and licensed as a hairdresser, so that you can be assured of quality service and care.
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