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Keep Curly & Wavy Hair Controlled

Q: I'm a guy with loose wavy/curly hair and I am searching for the perfect hair product to keep my shoulder length hair controlled and looking its best. My hairstylist suggested I use Deva Hair care products because they specialize in curly hair products. I have come across two gels - Angell and Arc Angell by Deva Care. Which one should I choose? I also came across Artec Juicy Wet Look Gel. All these choices can become frustrating! Which is the best to choose? Your advice will save such energy, time and money!
DevaCare curly hair products A: According to the research I’ve done, your stylist is in a lot of company with the recommendation of the Deva Hair products. In fact, all the products you’ve listed have a lot of positive feedback among consumer reviews. However, as for which of the products is going to be the best for you… Well, that depends on your hair’s needs.
If your hair is on the finer side of normal in texture, then using the Angell product will probably be good for you. If your hair is on the coarser side – or if you have a lot of trouble keeping the hair manageable – then try the Arc Angell. In some cases, you may even need a little bit “extra” over the control that the Arc Angell offers. If this is true, look for Deva’s Finishing Mist for Curly hair. This spray offers a soft-hold with olive oil and beeswax and gives that little extra hold and control for hard to manage curls, or for maintaining great-looking curls throughout the day.
I wish I could say that I’ve tried all of the products out there and that I know that this product is better than that one. However, that’s rarely even possible. In some cases, the only difference between two products may be the fragrance. And in practical terms, the differences found in various products occur in degrees. One may offer stronger hold, while another offers hold without stiffness, and yet a third may offer hold and be better at preventing frizz.
Your best bet in most cases is to look online for consumer review sites and check for the responses given about the product you want to know about. This can tell you specific information about how the product performs and the results you can expect. You often get a better idea of how the product performs from these reviews than from reading the manufacturer’s descriptions.
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