Color Generator or Creme Developer

CHI Blondest Blonde Ionic Powder Lightener
Q: Hello, I'm going to lighten my hair with CHI's Blondest Blonde Ionic powder lightener.
What should I use, a color generator or a creme developer? Do they do the same thing? Which would you use?

A: Well, according to the Farouk Systems website (the makers of CHI hair products) the Blondest Blonde Ionic Powdered lightener is designed for use with their color generator. Whenever the option is present to use products that are created to be used together or to mix-n-match, you should always use the intended products.
The color generator and crème developer serve the same purpose and may even be made of the same ingredients. Even so, there can be minor differences that can interact badly or at the very least not provide optimal results.
Be sure, however, before you use the lightener mixture on your hair to read the instructions carefully. You will also want to check the Farouk Systems' website for yourself. Simply do a search for Farouk Systems or CHI Blondest Blonde Ionic and look over their guidelines and instructions for product use.
Some of the strengths of mixture using the Ionic Powdered Lightener are not suitable for full head lightening, or may not be recommended for lightening the hair by more than a few shades.
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