Breaking Thin Hair

Woman with thin breaking hair
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Q: I have had a short or cropped hair style for years but now I am trying to grow my hair long. However, I have very thin, wispy, baby like, fine hair and no matter what style I use it won't take and ends up breaking.
I did bleach my hair a couple of years ago but I have cut all that out and kept a distance from bleach for the last couple of years and my hair stylist has said my hair is very healthy now but it still breaks.
I have straightened it in the last few days which may not help but if I don't my hair has no style. It's too long for a short style and too short for a long one or a bob. It's at that horrid phase. Please help me stop my thin hair from breaking and resisting a style, I don't want to cut it short again!

A: The first thing I would suggest is that you get a strengthening formula rinse-through conditioner and forgo shampoo except for maybe once every five times to wash the hair. The conditioner will have enough alkalinity to remove any normal soil from the hair and will help prevent any shampooing from drying the hair out.
The other thing is to simply make sure you are doing NOTHING to damage the hair. When you wash it, do not rub the hair with a towel, blot the hair by pressing the towel against the scalp. And look at your bed linens (specifically the pillowcase) if you see ANY evidence of hairs on the pillowcase or sheets, then get yourself some silk or satin pillowcases that will reduce the friction on your hair as you sleep.
I also HIGHLY recommend that you visit a salon and talk to a professional who can do an in-person assessment of your hair. There may be signs that you aren't aware to look for things that indicate specific problems. In addition, the stylist may be able to offer specific treatments that will strengthen your hair.
My concern is that without being able to physically examine your hair, I cannot assess how much the texture and density of the hair are affecting it's condition-level, and without that, I am limited as to the advice I can offer.
I hope that this helps you.
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