Thin Hair and Hair Thickeners

Hair thickening serum
Photo: Stockshakir/Shutterstock
Q: I have always had REALLY thin hair. Like baby thin. So when ever I put my hair in pig tails, or split my hair in half for two braids, my thin hair really stands out. Is there a product I can use to solve my problem?
A: There are a number of hair thickeners available on the market. Some of these are serums that get applied to the hair and thicken the hair by coating it to add thickness. Others are shampoos and conditioners that slightly swell the hair and strip away oils that weigh the hair down to make the hair feel thicker and look more voluminous.
Some people opt for chemical texture services, or even color services since the developers and waving lotions of these processes swell the hair cuticle and shaft, leaving it actually thicker than before.
These processes need to be performed with care however, so that you don't damage the hair. I would highly recommend seeing a professional for this as opposed to trying to do so at home yourself.
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