Blueing Shampoo

Clairol Shimmer Lights
Q: I keep seeing all these questions about brassy orange colored hair, and the answers always say to try a "blueing shampoo", but I cannot figure out where to find a blueing shampoo or an actual product name of one.
I've looked online, and it only lists blueing shampoo for animals. Can you please give me names of actual blueing shampoos?

A: The shampoo and conditioner I most often recommend for hair that is brassy is called "Shimmer Lights" by Clairol. This shampoo and conditioner is designed for use on blonde hair to prevent brassiness and on gray (silver) hair to counter yellowing and dulling of the hair.
Being completely candid, many of the products you see marketed for animal's coats are similar to the products made for people. In addition, some "home-remedy" sites list recipes for using laundry additives for brightening gray and light blonde hair colors as well.
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