Hairstyle to Fit a Tiara

Girl wearing a tiara
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Q: My daughter is taking in her first communion. She is seven. She insists on wearing a tiara, which, of course, I bought for her. Her hair is straight and waist-length with bangs that are almost grown out.
I can curl her hair with soft sponge rollers, but I am not sure how to fit the tiara in. Should I leave it half-down, all down, or all up? (The curls come out like banana curls.) Thanks for the insight.

A: Well, typically when one wears a headpiece like a tiara, it's best to have a hairstyle into which the tiara can be securely anchored. The most stable choice would be an up-style. A partial up-style is suitable if you want to show off the hair's length.
A good style for a young girl that will provide a stable base for a tiara to be secured is a partial French braid style. Part the hair in the center and French braid the upper right and side back to the crown area. Next, French braid the upper left and side back to the crown area as well.
You can join the two tails together and leave the length unbraided and curl the hair to blend with the rest of the hair at the back, or you can braid the sections fully to create long braided tails which can be wound together at the crown of the head and secured in place with hairpins to form a braided bun. The remainder of the hair can be rolled in sponge rollers to create a cascading fall of curls.
You can apply hair gel or setting lotion to the hair after it has been washed and towel-dried then braid the hair while it is damp. This will allow the hair to dry with an excellent hold. If needed you can even braid the hair the night before the event and wrap the loose sections in rollers.
Wrap the head in a scarf to prevent rubbing against the pillow and fraying the braided hair, then finish the style in the morning. By rolling the hair the night before and allowing it to dry overnight, you will ensure stronger, longer lasting curls.
This, of course, depends largely on how your daughter sleeps at night. If she is a restless sleeper who tosses and turns a lot, you may find that she will undo the hair too badly in her movement. In this case, simply do the braiding and curling in the morning.
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