How to Style the Dorothy Hamill Wedge

Styling a wedge haircut
Photo: Eillen/Shutterstock
Q: How do you style the Dorothy Hamill wedge? I want to be able to see my weight line very well.
A: The wedge hairstyle responds well to blow-dryer styling. By applying hair gel or mousse to towel-dried hair before drying will help you to build volume in the style. This will let you add volume to the under-layers of the haircut.
Building up the lower layering will raise the weight line and make it appear more prominent. For maximum volume, you can blow-dry the hair with the head inverted.Bend at the waist and blow-dry your hair's underside downward from the nape of the neck to the top of the head.
Once the hair is dry, flip your head up and brush or comb your hair as desired. Once styled, spray the hair with hairspray to give added hold and staying power to the style.
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