Sparser Hair

Long curly hair with breakage
Photo: Djomas/Shutterstock
Q: I have very long (down to my bottom, when pulled straight) curly hair. It seems that as my hair grows longer, the more it thins out. Should I cut my hair shorter to avoid more thinning hair? What can I do to help it stop thinning out?
A: It sounds as though you are describing breakage of the hair.
Many people - not just those with curly hair - find that their hair seems thinner (sparser) at the ends than at the scalp. This is usually due to breakage from rough handling and styling or styling appliances. To prevent the breakage, you need to be sure to keep the hair well conditioned. The hair should be conditioned every day, whether you shampoo the hair or not.
In addition, use a smoothing serum and a leave-in conditioner/detangler whenever you attempt to comb or brush through your hair. Combing the hair with a wide tooth comb for styling and detangling is best. If you must use a brush, don't use natural bristle brushes, but rather those with widely spaced plastic tines as these put less stress on the hair.
You may find that you need to trim of the thinnest portions of the hair length until you are comfortable with the density. However, if you are vigilant about keeping the hair well-conditioned and protecting it from damage from styling, you should see the growth of the hair proceed without (or at least with much less) thinning.
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