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Hairstyle for a Sloping Chin

Q: I have a sloping chin. Sometimes guys can hide this problem with a beard. What can girls do with their hairstyle to at least de-emphasize the problem?
A: One thing that can help is to go with asymmetrical bangs/fringe, or layering around the face. The object is to draw attention away from the chin, usually toward the eyes unless there is an issue there to de-emphasize.
short asymmetrical haircut
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There is also the matter of overall length, and the key here is either to go shorter than the chin or longer than the chin by at least 1-1/2 inches. A chin-length cut will only draw focus to the chin and make it appear more pronounced.
Furthermore, a style that is layered around the face can incorporate curl toward the face and further distract from the slope of the chin. Just be sure to keep the balance with the rest of the head in creating the style.
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