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Q: My mom likes to have short layers on the sides and long layers in the back. The problem is that not one stylist she has gone to understands what she wants. They seem to not want to perform the haircut. She likes the short layers so all she has to do is blow it quickly back and be out the door. My question is: is there a better way to explain this to the stylist and is there a picture out there to give some detail? I have looked and haven't found any. Thank you for any advice.
A: Actually it sounds as though your mom is encountering a certain amount of prejudice towards the style she wants. From the description, the style your mom prefers is one called a "mullet". While usually identified as a men's hairstyle, the mullet was very popular among women in the 80s as well.
Mullet haircut for women

Most of the photos available depicting the mullet haircut are photos of men. However, if you want to use it, we have a how-to article with diagrams on creating the mullet haircut. You can find it here. Apart from showing the diagram, all you really need to do is to explain to the stylist specifically what you want from the haircut. If the stylist seems not to be able to understand what you mean, or if they seem unwilling to perform the cut, then ask to be served by another stylist.
I'm sure you can find someone who's willing to give you the service you want.

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