Permanent Color & Thicker Hair

Hair coloring
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Q: I am always totally confused with which products are best for my hair. I am 51 years old. I now use (for the last 3 years or so) a semi permanent color, which washes out again, because I find that permanent coloring damages my hair so much.
I have fine limp hair and so I use a volumizing shampoo every other day with a volumizing conditioner just on the ends. I also use a volumizing root lifter but still, after a couple of hours, my hair is limp again.
My questions are:
1. Does permanent color really thicken your hair?
2. With fine hair like mine, that is also color-treated, do I use products for color treated hair or for fine hair?

A: Well, to answer your questions:
1.) Yes, permanent color does actually thicken your hair by expanding the cuticle layer in order to deposit color into the shaft, or disperse the existing pigments.
Many women and men who have fine hair like the change in texture created by the hair color process. They often find, depending on the type of color process, that the hair looks and feels thicker, seems to have more weight and substance, and moves in a more-pleasing manner.
2.) Because your hair is both fine and color-treated, you should use products for color-treated hair. This is because the products designed for color-treated hair are made to be gentle and prevent damaging the hair which can be more porous and therefore more susceptible to damage. Products for fine hair are also designed to be gentle but often not as gentle as those for color-treated hair.
I do have a suggestion regarding your use of the root-lift product. After applying the root lift product to the scalp area of the hair, try blow-drying the hair with your head inverted, at least until the scalp area of the hair is dry. You can also apply a maximum hold styling gel to the scalp area of the hair along with the root-lift product for additional hold and longer-lasting lift.
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