Hair Cut Phobia

Hairdresser with scissors
Photo: Viktoria Gavrilina/Shutterstock
Q: Hi, I have a phobia or fear to get my hair cut. Do you know how to correct it?
A: Basically, if what you have is an authentic phobia concerning the act of having your hair cut, you need to consult with a therapist to overcome the problem, as there may be a more deep-seated issue to blame for your fear. I am neither licensed, nor am I qualified to address psychological issues (neither is any other hairdresser).
If, however, you mean "phobia" as in simply afraid of getting it cut - without deep-seated issues or anxiety/panic attacks when you approach a salon chair - then my best recommendation is to find a stylist you are comfortable with and start small.
In other words, once you find someone you are comfortable with, have him, or her, perform a trim on your hair. He/she should cut the most minimal amount possible. Then as you get more comfortable, you can slowly make gradual changes to your hair until you reach the style you desire.
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