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Hair Falling Flat

Q: I have very thick wavy hair. I can scrunch it and wear it wavy but after an hour or so it starts falling flat. Can you give me any suggestions on how to keep the wave looking fresh all day? Thank you.
A: The problem of your hair falling flat is probably because of the weight of the hair itself pulling the curl straight. There are a couple of things that can help:
The first things to look at are the steps you take to style the hair. After shampooing and conditioning, and after towel-drying the hair, use a strong-hold spray gel on the damp hair at the scalp ends of the hair and comb it through the hair using a wide tooth comb. Dry your hair with your head inverted using a blow dryer and a diffuser attachment until the hair is mostly dry, but not completely.
Blow drying with a diffuser

At this stage, add a light misting of hair spritz/scrunching spray and scrunch the hair as you normally would. Continue using your diffused blow dryer to finish drying the hair into the desired style. (You may need to avoid completely drying the hair to avoid frizzing, instead simply allowing the hair to dry naturally.) Once the hair is dried, use a fine-mist, strong-hold hairspray to "set" the style.
If you continue to have problems with your style falling flat, you might consider talking to your stylist about having your hair thinned a bit using thinning shears. Such thinning will not alter the style of your hair, but will remove some of the weight, and allow your hair to hold a more-voluminous style more easily. By removing the extra weight from the hair, you will find that your hair will hold a style more readily and that the style will last longer.
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