Hair Stopped Taking Color

Woman who is dyeing her own dark blonde hair
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Q: My hair is naturally blonde. I can't go darker, ever. It's stopped taking color completely, unless there's bleach involved. If any color does stick, it's only for a shampoo or two, maybe, before it's the same, dull, yellowy color it was previously.
My hair doesn't FEEL damaged, and I keep it right around shoulder length. What can I do to correct damage? CAN I do anything? How do celebrities dye their hair continuously without having these problems? Help.

A: It sounds as though you have one of two problems going on: Either your hair is so porous that it allows the color that is deposited to be leeched out in subsequent shampoos, or it is so resistant that the color is only attaching at the surface and is being washed away with the subsequent shampoos.
You can test this, by taking a spray bottle with water, and misting your hair when it is clean and dry. If the water instantly soaks into the hair, it is probably porous. If the water beads up on the hair before absorbing, it is probably resistant.
You've stated that your hair doesn't feel damaged, but that doesn't mean it isn't. My best suggestion to you is to visit your local salon and have your hair evaluated by a professional stylist. It is much easier to evaluate the hair if it can be viewed in person. In addition, the stylist can help you discuss what you normally do with coloring your hair and can advise you regarding the cause of your hair resisting color.
The reason celebrities can dye their hair continuously without the problems you are having is exactly because they have professional stylists available to perform their hair color services. I am not a stylist who is against anyone performing hair color services on their own. However, I do believe that you must seek professional advice when you are having a problem, if for no other reason than to avoid damaging your hair.
If your reason for not seeking professional services for coloring your hair is the cost, perhaps you can look for a local cosmetology school that offers services to the public. The students who are advanced enough to serve clients need the challenges provided by a variety of clients.
In addition, the students are always overseen by an instructor who gives the student guidance and helps them make the evaluations and recommendations. Most of these schools offer discounted services which are well within almost anyone's budget.
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