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5 Big No Nos

How To Avoid That Style Boo Boo

If only fashion weren’t so hard to keep track of! I mean, one second fluoro is the hottest thing on the planet and the next minute the 90s are here and you realize how ridiculous the whole fluorescent clothing phase was. But who are we kidding, its 2009, and 80s style and fluoro is back again. But fashion can change and style standards might evolve; however some things are an absolute no-no for the truly stylish woman.
• The Muffin Top
For God’s sake, buy jeans that fit you well. I don’t care whether you choose old school high waist or millennium style super low rise. Whatever you do, they should fit you well. Your layers of fat spilling out of the top of your jeans, pants or skirts is not a pleasant sight. No self respecting style diva would ever be caught exposing their love handles. Some secrets are just better kept under wraps…and I mean that literally.
• The Butt Cleavage
butt cleavage Again…no one wants to see ugly parts of your body. So hide them. If you’re not embarrassed about it… we are. We are embarrassed and traumatized. Do you enjoy seeing butt crack? I thought you didn’t. Then why would you think we would enjoy seeing yours. Buys clothes (especially pants) that fit you well enough to hide your ample backside. If the pants really don’t fit, maybe consider a belt to hold it all together?
And if that’s not an option either…wear longer tops that cover it up well. Longer tops can hide muffin tops and butt cleavage amazingly well. Invest in some…yesterday! If you think your bum is still going to hang out despite all our warnings, your last resort could be sexy underwear. Wear some thongs or a bold g-string under those low rise pants. At least when you bend over, we (and the boys) get to have a crack (no puns intended) at some gorgeous undies.
• The Panty Line
Figure-hugging pants and skirts look a million times better when you can’t trace the line of your panties. You have two options: Either start wearing clothes that are a little looser so your pantyline isn’t so obvious; or wear appropriate underwear. There’s lots of options from thongs to g-strings to no seam undies. Just look around and you’ll know what I mean.
• See Through Clothes
Sure it’s sexy – if you know how to wear it. See through clothing is fine when you’re by the beach or casually. For a slightly more formal occasion, I would say give it a miss. While some very fashionable ladies can wear a see through blouse with perfect elan, most of us will do it all wrong. We won’t wear the right underwear or show off body parts unintentionally, and generally be uncomfortable about the whole thing. So in short, leave out the transparent translucent clothing unless you really know how to rock the outfit.
• No Boyfriend Clothes
You know when the store says they stock “Boyfriend tees” or “Boyfriend cardis”, they don’t actually mean they’re selling your boyfriend’s clothes to you. They’re just designed like boy’s clothes…for women. If you’ve got to be hip, try the store bought version of boyfriend clothes. Actually wearing your boyfriend’s clothes is almost always a style failure. Frumpy isn’t fashion. Oh, and if you must wear that pin-striped shirt…use a classy woman’s belt to pull the look together may be?
It’s not just about the fashionable outfits honey, it’s also about how many style rules you know and have mastered. Thanks to me you now know 5 things you should never ever do, so help you God.
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