The Stylish Sneaker Shopping Guide

Young woman who is choosing new sneakers
Photo: RossHelen/Canva
I am a sneaker person and just love them. Not only are they comfortable, but they are definitely a cool look to “sport” when you want to show your sporty side. And the best part is that sneakers are no more only a sports accessory, but have become a fashion statement in itself. Take a look at the big sports shoe brands that have clued in to the needs of the modern urban women for sporty, comfy, yet fashionable sneakers.
• Just the other day, I came across a cute pair from Puma in a combination of white and gold, called Espera Pearlized. At first glance, these look like a pair of fashionable sandals, but they actually have all the qualities of a sports wear.
• With the summer almost upon us, all the big brands for sport shoes have a long line of new releases in the section of fashionable and stylish sneakers for women. Check out the new Nike women’s Greco in a cool combination of black, white, and pink.
• Air Jordan has also come up with Air Jordan Girls Fusion 9 GS this summer with coral, white, and black detailing. An awesome color combination for those cute sporty look lovers.
• Women’s Hare Jordan is all set to release Extra Butter, sneakers in wheat, pink glaze and shimmer combinations, just in time for the Easter holidays. Also keep a look out for Nike women’s Pockwahn in pink suede exterior, which feels just like slipping on a pair of moccasins.
• And yes, don’t forget to checkout the Sabadella SL sneakers from Puma. These are slip-on flats in the shape of ballet shoes and come in a contrast combination of silver and bud green and black and Jade green. If you are into ballet flats, then you can also checkout the WSL576T Ballet Flat from New Balance. Designed to give full comfort without the sneaker look these are so stylish that you can wear them to work as well while you secretly enjoy the comfort only sneakers can give you.
• If you love sneakers with funky colors and patterns, then you can check out Adidas, Nike, and Puma. I personally liked the Puma First Round for women, which is a flashing ruby number. From Adidas, I liked the Ecstasy Hi in baby blue. Just imagine pairing them with white mini skirt and baby blue top.
• You can also checkout Nike’s newest release, Dunk Hi for women in sunshine yellow and metallic silver. It is sure to spread sunshine on your entire look and attire.
• If you love prints on your sneakers, then you absolutely have to have Nike’s Dunk X Cherry, the newest release for this summer. This sneaker is a combination of an all-over cherry print on a beige base and has yellow laces to give a stunning look. The print is an adaptation from the design of the famous French textile designer, Paule Marrot. You will also get them in Marrot’s “Aurore”, a bronze butterfly number. The news is that many celebrities have already added them on their list of collectibles for this summer.
TK Maxx
• In case you want to make your sneakers low-profile this season, these chic sneakers are a great addition to your wardrobe, Puma Mostro CS sneaker is the best bet. Go for the birch grey combination which will absolutely look cool on those lazy informal afternoons.
• Another one that I would love to have in my personal shoe wardrobe is the Air Rejuven8-Pink from Nike. This fabulous pink number has a breathable mesh-like design for ventilation and comes with green and magenta detailing.
• For women who love to have style combined with lots of pastel color on their feet, Nike has the WMNS GTS High. This ultra cool number with pastel shades of citron, white, pink, and pure cyan will set you apart from the crowd.
• For top downs, you can choose from Reebok. Reebok is coming out with the new range of top-downs for women in the combination of purple, white, and grey colors. These sneakers also have a new roll-down feature with colorful and vivid print patterns which will add to your style.
• Everybody knows that women love satin. So why not have it on your feet as well? Lavin has made that wish come true with their new launch. I think every woman should have a pair of Lavin’s WMNS Satin and Patent Leather sneakers in their wardrobe. Who would not like to slide their feet in satin and still have all the comfort of a sneaker? Out in Taupe and Parme colors, these have two sets of laces, which give them a very feminine look.
• If you would love to sport the metallic look sometimes, then don’t forget to check out the Freestyle Hi International Metallic number from Reebok. It comes in the shades of pink, silver and purple, but my personal favorite is the pink one. These come in patented leather and reinforced heels and will give a metallic and rock star look to your whole attire.
The spring/summer 2009 is looking really great for all fashionable and stylish sneaker lovers like me and I am busy stashing away cash to get my hands on these cool numbers. So be ready to have a wonderful sneaker summer…I’m already drooling!