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How to Match Shoes with Your Outfit

For any self respecting fashionista matching her shoes with her outfit remains an indispensable requirement. While those rather simple minded members of male community might look at it as a time consuming and cumbersome act, but the ladies know that it is an investment in defining their looks and style.
Despite this however, the fact remains that matching shoes with the outfit can prove to be a rather tricky affair and sometimes even the most experienced of the fashionistas can trip over it.
Why is matching shoes and the outfit so important?
wedge sandal • First of all from the fashion point of view, right shoes act as great accessories to not just complete the look, but also add a lot more of their own flair to it. The style, the color and the texture of the shoes, all play an important part in achieving this.
• It’s very important to match the look and feel of the outfit with the look and feel given by the shoes. It’s important that the outfit and the shoes should convey the same message rather than pulling in opposite directions.
• A smart business jacket with the equally smart and formal trousers when paired with something like stilettos gives a contradictory message. While your outfit projects you as a serious work oriented person, but shoes are shouting “partyyy”.
• Therefore it becomes critical to match your shoes and the outfit, not just from the fashion point of view, but also in order to successfully project the kind of image that you want for yourself in a particular setting.
Therefore in an effort to help you all with this sacrosanct practice of shoe and outfit matching, following is a brief set of guidelines and suggestions:
Business outfits
• As explained in the example above shoes need to have the same no-nonsense business oriented look as your outfit.
• Flat pumps or loafers with medium to high heel could be great options, with business trousers.
• However in case you are wearing a knee length skirt, then flats might look sloppy, instead go for medium heels.
• Just because you are in the office doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your fashion sense. Look out for formal shoes in dressy avatars.
In the evening and other such dressy occasions
• High heels exude strongly feminine vibes, so they are perfect with elegant outfits like your flowing evening gown.
• If you have to dance then you might want to consider high heels with straps as that would help in preventing twisting of your feet while dancing.
Clubbing and night out with girlfriends
• On such occasions when you are dressed to kill or to set the dance floor on fire your shoes need to be equally sexy and ‘menacing’.
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