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Why You Need the Invisible Bra

For all those backless and shoulder strapless dress lovers, here’s some good news. Now you don’t have to worry about the bra straps, even the transparent ones, showing through your dress. The Japanese have created another miracle. This Japanese invention of a special kind of bra, also known as the “invisible bra”, has come to our rescue.
They can not only be used by women of all bust sizes, but for women who have smaller bust sizes as well. In fact, it is one of the most convenient ways to increase your bust size. Look out push-up bras, you now have competition. Now you don’t have to think of undergoing surgery to get yourself some silicone implants. Invisible bras also do a fantastic job of improving the shape of the breasts.
What is the Invisible Bra?
Made of silicon, an invisible bra consists of two cups connected to each other by a fastener which is transparent. The bra contains a special glued substance which makes it stick to the skin. Don’t worry, I know what you’re going to ask. This isn’t bad for the skin. This glue is lab-tested and harmless.
How to Wear It
To put on this bra, put the cups covering your breast and press tightly so that they stick to your skin. Clasp the lock of the fastener to keep both the cups joined with each other. Its as easy as that! No kidding. So now you don’t have to choose between the bra and the backless gown. Now you can wear your favorite backless gown or that strapless dress with a bra that doesn’t show and makes your breasts look fabulous.
As every good thing needs a little bit of care to make them more effective, so is the case of the invisible bra. Follow these handy hints and see your invisible bra working wonders for you:
1. Never use creams, powder, or other skin care product just before using the invisible bra. This will reduce the bra’s efficiency as the glue will not be as sticky.
2. Always clean the skin of your breast with warm water and soap and dry it with a towel before using the invisible bra. This will keep the product effective for a longer period of time.
3. When putting on this bra, stand before a mirror and place both the cups in a symmetrical fashion.
4. If you find some sticky material on your breasts after the removal of the invisible bra, just wipe it away with a soft fabric.
5. Always clean the bra after each use, with a soft fabric.
6. If you have previous skin damage, burns, pigmented skin, or a skin infection on your breast, do not use this bra as the bra could only aggravate the problem.
7. Always remember that the bra stays on for only six hours. So use them for that special party or for that special dress but wearing them for a whole day might not be such a good idea.
So go and grab those invisible bras and give a boost to your beauty and self-confidence in that sexy backless number you bought last Saturday.
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