The Right Way to Wear Gladiator Sandals

Gladiator sandals
Gladiator sandals are back with a bang and the buzz is that they are going to be the hottest style this summer. Inspired by the Greco-Roman theme, these sandals have been part of the runway for quite some time now. They have now entered the mainstream with designers making them more flattering and diverse.
So if you loved those sandals and wanted a pair of your own for a long time, then go grab them this summer. But before you jump up and grab just any pair of gladiator sandals, let me warn you that you need to be careful while choosing the right kind for you.
Though gladiator sandals are oozing all kinds of stylish, they do unfortunately also have the quality of making one look shorter than they really are and if you choose the wrong one, then you might end up looking stumpy.

How to Find the Best Pair of Gladiator Sandals for You

1. Avoid knee-length gladiators unless you are blessed with a model's height of 5'10" plus. Also if you have the height but thin legs, then knee-length gladiators will make your legs look thinner.
2. If you have the figure to go for knee-length gladiators, then opt for those which have delicate and feminine detailing and complements the length of your legs.
3. For most of us other folk not blessed with model-like bodies, go for short gladiator sandals that have thinner straps that go around the lower part of your ankle. These thin straps covering only the lowest part of your ankle will not make you look shorter than you really are.
4. It is best to avoid flats in gladiators. Opt for higher heels as they will make your legs look long and more flattering. But if you want to sport a casual look, then wear a flat heeled gladiator with thin straps going around the lowest part of your ankle.
5. Avoid gladiators with thick straps. Even a short gladiator with thick detailing can make you look stumpy.
6. If you have heavier legs, then you should go for short gladiators with high heels and ankle-skimming straps. Also remember to go for gladiators that have lesser straps to go around your ankle otherwise they will make you look stockier. Consider going for metallic colours rather than browns and blacks, which will always end up making your legs look thicker.

How to Wear Gladiator Sandals the Right Way

1. The most important thing to do before you slip into a pair of gladiator sandal is to have a pedicure.
2. To create an aura of a Grecian goddess, match a pair of short gladiators with small heels and thin straps with drapy Grecian gowns and toga dresses. These will add that extra oomph on those special occasions.
3. You can also match flat short gladiator sandals with slim-fit jeans. If you have bought a chunkier style, then you can wear them with your regular jeans and pants to look fabulous.
4. Short gladiators with high heels look awesome with short summer dresses. If you plan to dress in a summer white dress, then go for a pair of brown short gladiator with delicate and feminine detailing. But if you are of a heavy build, then go for a metallic color with the white dress.
5. A gladiator sandal in metallic color gives a great boost to your style. So keep one ready for those cocktail parties at the beach.
6. If you are wearing medium to knee-high gladiators, then match them with above the knee short dresses, mini skirts, or shorts. The shorter the dress the better they look with high gladiators.
7. Always remember that if you are wearing a knee-high gladiator, then the focal point of your dressing should be those. Club these high gladiators with simple and single colored outfits. And remember to keep your dress as short as possible.
8. If you want to wear your knee-high gladiator with jeans and pants, then shorten their length by folding them up.
Though gladiator sandals are the in thing this summer, but always remember the thumb rule of buying the one which suits your shape and body type and helps in flattering and making your legs seem longer and glamorous.
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