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Tips for Getting a Tattoo (2)

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How to Take Care of Your New Tattoo
After getting your tattoo, it is very important to take good aftercare so that you heal properly and your tattoo comes out great. Always heed to the instructions given by your artist.
• Bandage the area for at least 24 hrs to keep it from dust and infection.
• Don’t pick the scabs that form on the healing tattoo.
• Your artist might advise you to wash the area with antibacterial soap. Don’t use alcohol or peroxide as they will harm the tattoo. Use a soft towel to pat dry the tattoo.
• Use some antibiotic ointment.
• Try to stay away from pools, sea, hot tubs, or hot baths to keep the tattoo dry till it heals.
• Keep your tattoo from direct sunlight until it is fully healed.
What are the Risks of a Tattoo?
Though getting a tattoo is safe, you need to pay special attention to a few points:
• Make sure that the tattoo artist uses sterilized tools and equipments.
• If you have skin conditions like eczema, do not go for a tattoo, as this will aggravate your condition.
• Be sure to check that the tattoo artist does not share ink and needles between customers otherwise you will be putting yourself at risk of getting infections like Hepatitis, HIV, dermatitis, or other bacterial skin infections.
Tattoos are an exciting and permanent addition to your body and it is worthwhile to carefully plan for it. Give a good amount of thought to your tattoo as these will be a permanent piece of art on your body and can enhance your looks if done creatively.
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