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The Complete Guide to Buying a Coat (2)

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IV. Choosing a Plus Size Coat
If you have a heavy figure, then follow the tips below to choose the right kind of coat for you:
• If you are top heavy, then go for single breasted coats with single-button pockets, which reduce the width of the upper body.
• If you are buying a trench coat, then select a classic lapel shape in bright color that suits your taste.
• For women with heavy figure, it is advisable to go for flared coats, so that it gives you a balanced silhouette.
V. Rain Coats
If you stay in area where it rains during the winters, it is a good idea to invest in a rain coat as well.
• Trench Coats: These make perfect coats for rainy winters as now they come treated to repel water. Go for the classic belted waist trench coat as they look good on every woman.
• Water Repelling Coats: These coats come with an inner lining made of cotton with an outer made of water repelling material. These come in various colors that you can choose from.
VI. Miscellaneous
Whenever choosing a coat, remember the following points so that you buy a coat which flatters you and makes you look gorgeous:
• If you have a curvy figure, then don't go for coats with buttons as they will give a pulling-apart effect. Opt for coats which have a zipper or a belt to tie it.
• Go for thigh-high length in coats if you have longer legs or if you have a heavy figure.
• To choose the correct size of your coat you need to measure yourself first. You can get yourself measured at a coat store.
• If you put lot of layering beneath your coat, then opt for one size larger than your normal size.
• When trying on a coat, move your arms and body to check for ease of mobility and comfort.
• Keep in mind that the coat should not pull across your back, arms, and around your hips.
Go and make an investment in quality coats, which is well made, and suits you perfectly. Just remember that a quality coat always gives that chic look and lasts longer.
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