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The Not So Cool Cluttered Look

The other day at a mall, I saw this girl in a polka dotted strappy top and wearing on a floral print skirt, a paisley scarf with the same-colored ankle boots, huge hoopla rings and other chunky accessories. My instant reaction was: here goes another fashion victim.
Yes, being fashionable is important, but there is a hairline difference between being in ‘good taste’ and doing a ‘fashion overkill.’
It is very important to understand that being fashionable does not mean that you clutter yourself with everything you could find in your wardrobe. Fashionable means mixing the right kind of colors and dresses with the right kind of accessories to make you look classy and sophisticated. The cluttered look is not cool as it will make you a laughing stock rather than a fashion diva.
A cluttered look also sends the wrong message to other people about your personality. You would not want people to think that you are a careless and sloppy person and don’t give the required attention to what you do. You will end up to be a fashion disaster in parties if you do not reduce the clutter. And ultimately, you will end up spending your time being alone and bored.
If you are confused about what goes with what and which kind of accessories go with what dresses, then you have come to the right place. Here are some tips that will help you:

1. Avoid a Rainbow of Colors

Do not wear too many colors together. You would not like to look like an artist’s color palette. If you want to wear a bright colored top, then go for a neutral colored bottom, like pair a yellow tunic with black colored trousers or leggings. Also there is no rule that you need to carry bags and shoes in the same color as your dress.
Choose that one dominant color in your outfit and you can accentuate it with the colors of your shoes and bag. For example, with the yellow tunic and black colored trousers, add a metallic colored bag and a high-heeled pump.

2. Accessorize Moderately

Your accessories can make or break your dress and fashion statement. Too many accessories will make you look tacky and unsophisticated. It is always said that less is more in accessories. Following the yellow tunic and black trousers example, do not overload yourself with big yellow earrings, yellow shoes, yellow belt, etc. Limit your accessories to the style which will flatter your dress.
If you are going on a dinner date, wear a simple bracelet and a pendant. If it is a dancing date, wear a sleek necklace to draw attention to your chest. If you really like wearing jewelry, then go for matching jewelry, which won’t look cluttered. Also it is a great idea to highlight any one accessory as part of your outfit.
Always remember to never be influenced by trends, but follow your personal style and keep it simple. Don’t just go blindly with color combinations that you think will look good on you. Instead ask your friends for their opinions, to understand what looks good on you and choose your clothes accordingly.
Remember to highlight only one element in your dress and add the others to accentuate that element. Always remember the thumb rule that cluttered look is not cool, and, in fashion less is more.
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