How to Choose the Right Color for Stockings

Young woman wearing a black turtleneck and stockings
Photo: Kseniia Perminova/Shutterstock
Choosing the right stocking color with your dress is very essential. Wrong colored stockings with your dress will not only make your dress look tacky, but also make you a an example of a fashion disaster.
Here are some easy ways to choose the right stocking color to go with your dress.
1. Match with Your Hemline
Choose stockings that match the hemline color of your dress. For example, if you are wearing a dark colored dress, choose a dark colored stocking for best results. If you are a first timer, then stock up with some inexpensive varieties to try out which color goes the best with your dresses. Once you have found out the perfect shade, buy the expensive ones, which will last you longer.
2. Match with Your Shoes
Another way of choosing the right stocking color is to match your stocking color with your shoes. If your shoes are dark, then choose a dark colored stocking. If your shoe color is darker than your hemline or your hemline is darker than your shoe, then go for nude colored pair of stockings. Also keep in mind that if you are wearing the same bright colors in your dress and shoes, then wear nude-colored stockings. Remember the thumb rule that the color of shoes should never be lighter than the color of your stockings.
3. Match with Your Skin
If you still do not know which colored stocking to use with your dress, then the best option is to wear a skin colored one. It is best to go for a sheer and invisible option rather than end up with the wrong colored stockings. If you want to use a tan shade for you stockings, then make sure that your skin is tanned, otherwise it will look fake and definitely tacky.
4. Match with Your Shoe Style
You can also determine the color of your stocking based on the kind of shoes you are wearing. If you are wearing an open-toed shoe, go for a sheer stocking. Sometimes it is best not to wear any stocking at all, if it is warm enough.
5. Match it with a Challenging Outfit
If you want to go for some stylish stockings with one of your challenging outfits, then choose woven or fishnet in black or beige. These will provide you cover as well as show your legs in a flattering way.
6. Just Go Whacky
If you are in a mood to experiment and want to make a bold statement, then you can go with a whacky pattern or a bright colored stocking. Just remember to check if it looks right on you or not. You don't want to send any wrong messages. Also make sure the occasion is appropriate, before wearing these. Imagine yourself in bright red patterned stockings with a red dress and shoes for a meeting his parents. Nope. I don't think so!
Stockings not only add color to your dress, but also add style. So, what are you waiting for? But before you go on a shopping spree, remember to have pedicures regularly as stockings look good only on beautiful legs. Also, if you want to add life to your stocking, freeze your new stockings before you use them for the first time. This is a time tested technique to give life to your favorite stockings.
So go on and accessorize your legs to sizzle and spice up your daily life.