How to Choose the Right Pair of Shoes

Woman trying on new shoes
Photo: Lopolo/Shutterstock
Considering that we spend half our lives on our feet, shoes are incredibly important. They’re important to stay fashion forward and essential for a well coordinated outfit. But they’re also important to keep our feet comfortable and happy while they spend time in them. Here’s some help on how you can buy yourself a pair of shoes that are comfortable
• Quality Matters
When it comes to shoes, quality should always be your first consideration. I would say, buy the best you can afford because it’s worth it. You’re going to be spending a lot of time in those shoes, so they should be comfortable. Regular wear especially, should be good quality.
A cheaper, once-in-a-while pair of shoes can be quality compromised, but your daily shoes should not be. At the end of the day, if your poor quality shoes start affecting your feet, you’ll find yourself wishing you’d spent that extra 20 bucks.
• Buy In the Afternoon
The best time to buy shoes is in the afternoon. When you’re buying shoes, you’ll obviously be trying them on right? But did you know our feet swell more at certain times of the day? They swell to their largest during the afternoon, so if a pair of shoes is comfortable in the afternoon, it is almost always a sure fire guarantee that it will always be comfortable.
• The Right Size
Just because the shoes are beautiful, doesn’t mean you have to squeeze your toes into a smaller size. Your shoes should always be the right size – never too small and definitely not too big either. They should also fit you comfortable without being too narrow or too wide. Don’t fool yourself with shoe salesmen talk such as “I’ll wear them in” or “Shoes stretch with time”.
If it feels uncomfortable at the store, it’s likely to be an uncomfortable pair to wear always. Also, an ill fitting pair of shoes can cause you many serious feet problems such as hammertoes, ingrown toenails, blisters, corns, bunions etc. So always try on a shoe for size as sizing can even different from brand to brand.
• Try With Socks
If you’re buying a pair of shoes that will always be worn with socks, don’t forget to try them on with a pair of socks. Some shoe stores provide socks for shoe trials but I wouldn’t suggest this as it’s unhygienic. Wear socks to the store or at least carry a pair with you. Chuck Taylors for example are best tested for a good fit and comfort with a pair of comfy socks.
• Take A Walk
Sure they’re pretty, but are you sure you can walk on those six inchers? Trying on a new pair of shoes doesn’t mean just trying them on for size. You need to try them on and walk around a little in the store. The prettiest of shoes can be strangely uncomfortable when you take a few steps. Also, when you walk the shoe adjusts itself, so you’ll know for sure if the shoe is the right size or if there are any other defects.
• Heel Girl
If you regularly buy and wear heels, you will learn some of the tricks of buying a good pair through trial and error alone. But if not, you might need a few additional handy hints. Try on your shoes and stand on your tip-toes. If you’re heels continue to touch the ground when you do this, the heels are too high for you. However, if they’re off the ground, you’re fine.
Also, if you’ve got a heavier frame, skip the stiletto and opt for a platform or a block heel instead. A chunky heel doesn’t make you look like you’re teetering on your shoes and balances out your figure too.
There’s no rush so take your time when you’re buying your shoes. Comfort matters and it’s your feet that will suffer if you buy the wrong shoes. But when you buy the right ones, and your feet are treated well...the shoes can last you a very long time. Choose well and wisely.