How to Look Great in Boots

Woman shopping for boots
Photo: Lopolo/Shutterstock
Their shapes and style and lengths change with the demands of fashion, but boots themselves are a fashion staple. Boots can never go out of style. Sure booties and ankle length boots are fashionable today, but yesterday it was all about the higher the better.
The styles might change but boots will remain evergreen. So I thought you could do with some tips on how to look great in them. How to look great in boots?
• Skinny Jeans and Boots
Skinny jeans and boots are a perfect combo and no matter what length your boots are, trust me they’ll look fabulous with boots. If you’re wearing shorter or even ankle length boots, definitely do not tuck in the jeans or you’ll just look like you have balloon legs. But slightly longer boots such as calf length or higher are perfect for tucking in. Cowboy boots look especially fabulous.
• Boots With Skirts and Dresses
Yes they look fabulous but what length? Well…the first thing you need to look at is the length of your skirt and dress. A short mini will look better with knee-high boots. But a pair of calf length boots would look great with a long dress. Wearing a dress with boots adds a new touch of femininity to the whole look.
• Boots With Stockings
Boots with stockings are the absolute winter favorite and must. Too cold to wear a mini? Put on a pair of stockings and slide into those boots and what’s to stop you from wearing the mini now. Skin colored, transparent or opaque – stockings and tights are the ultimate boot fashion must have!
• The Cowboy Boots
Cowboy boots will never go out of style but they’re particularly hot right now. For the perfect cowboy look, you need a great pair of blue jeans, a checked shirt and a cowboy hat. You’re all set for a Western movie. But these boots don’t have to be limited to cowboy looks alone and you can wear them with almost anything and everything. I think they’d look great with shorts too? What say?
• The Ankle-Length Boots
Ankle length boots or booties are the international boot rage. It’s what all the designers are showcasing and definitely what all our favorite celebs are wearing. They look great with pants (not tucked in) and if you’re planning to wear it with that dress, a pair of stockings will complete the look. Get a pair!
• The Work Boots
Just because you’re going to work doesn’t mean you have to ditch the boots. Invest in a comfortable pair of black leather boots that you can wear to work as well. They’ll look great with your corporate pants and skirts but don’t tuck the pants in at work! Corporate clothes and sexy boots – you’ll be the fashionista even without trying that hard really!
Heels, flats, wedges, stilettos, ankle length, knee-length, calf-length, Ugg boots, riding boots, cowboy boots etc etc etc. The list of styles is endless but no matter what they look like – you can’t take the style quotient out of boots. You can try but remember what the old song says… “These boots are meant for walking…and they’ll walk all over you!”