Fallen Angels by Clipso

Funky hairstyles
The Clipso Artistic Team's 2005-2006 entry into the British Hairdressing Awards combines bold use of hair color with a keen edge of design, combining cleanly defined curls, with asymmetrical cuts to create a look that is on the edge, and not for the faint of heart.
From a group of styles featuring creatively structured curls, to a group of funky hairstyles with bold splashes of unconventional color, Clipso sets the current trend in hair design on its ear.

Short Curly Hair with Layers

Short curly hair with stacked layers
The Cut: Here we see a short layered haircut with stacked layers in naturally curly hair.
The Color: The color is a natural-looking sable. It's soft, glossy, and compliments her pale pink skin well.
The Style: To create this hairstyle, you need to start with naturally curly/wavy hair and dry it with a volumizing mousse and diffuser attachment. Use your fingers with the dryer to build as much fullness and lift as possible in the stacked layers.
The curls can be enhanced using a curling iron or Velcro rollers, and the hair sprayed lightly with hairspray and scrunched to add definition. Use the fingers to adjust and place the curls as desired. Mist with hairspray for added hold.

Platinum Blonde & Layers

Platinum blonde hair
The Cut: Here we see a layered haircut with very deep razor texturing and blunt cut bangs.
The Color: The color here is a near-white platinum blonde utilizing the subtle color variation inherent in the color processing instead of highlighting and lowlighting for depth of color.
The Style: The hairstyle is created by drying the naturally wavy hair with mousse for maximum volume and backcombing to built additional lift in the sides and back. The bangs are blown straight using a round brush and the whole style is misted with hairspray and scrunched to add definition to the natural wave. Random curls are drawn out to create tendrils in the hairstyle for a haloed look.

Chunky Hair

Chunky brown hair streaked with different colors
The Cut: This is the first of our asymmetrical haircuts featuring razor work to create a multitude of lengths and a chunky spiky appearance to the hair.
The Color: The natural warm brown of the model's hair has been streaked with bold hues of blue-violet, jade green and pale canary yellow, giving her hair a sense of funk and excitement to accentuate the varied lengths of the individual locks of hair.
The Style: To create this hairstyle, blow-dry the hair straight using a flat vented brush with a smoothing balm and styling gel. Further smooth the hair using a flat iron to give perfect straightness and spike the upper layers at the top of the head along the parting.
Use a smoothing serum spread evenly over the finger and raked through the hair to give the individual locks of hair definition and weight to ensure good movement.

Curls and Volume Hairstyle

Blonde hair with curls and volume
The Cut: This is a shoulder-length blunt haircut with box layering at the upper portion of the head.
The Color: The hair color is blonde; this time in a soft honeyed shade and red-orange highlighting to add depth and interest.
The Style: We start with naturally wavy hair and blow-dry it with a diffuser and styling mousse for maximum lift. The natural curl is enhanced with a curling iron or Velcro rollers and minimal backcombing to add extra volume.
The curls are defined by misting the hair with hairspray and scrunching it. A hair pick, or the fingers are used to arrange the curls artfully and the hair is misted with spray for extra hold in the style.

Choppy Look hairstyle

Choppy bob for blonde hair with pink streaks
The Cut: We're back to the asymmetrical styles now, with this short box-layered and razored bob offering softness and razor texture to the straight hair style for a choppy look.
The Color: Starting with a pale golden blonde base, the stylists added bold, dark pink streaks to the hair to give it additional interest and yet, a very floral and feminine feel.
The Style: The hairstyle can be achieved using blow-dry straightening and a round brush, followed by smoothing and pressing with a flat-iron. The addition of styling gel, styling balms and pomades, makes for a chic, silky look to the hair. Styling pomade is used to separate small locks and maintain the spiky feel of the hair.

Haircut with Stacked Layering

Short blonde hair with stacked layering
The Cut: Here we have another short layered haircut with stacked layering and horizontal bangs.
The Color: The hair color is a natural looking golden blonde with sublte paler highights.
The Style: By blow-drying the naturally wavy hair with a diffuser and enhancing the curls with a curling iron, the stylist has created a mass of controlled and clearly defined curls. Mousse is used for lift in the drying process, while a light mist of hairspray ensures that we can scrunch the hair to provide sharp curls.

Freestyle Bangs Haircut

Black hair with snow white streaks
The Cut: This is a blunt haircut with razor texturing on the ends of the hair, and freestyle bangs cut bluntly to a point between the eyes.
The Color: The base color for the hair as shown is a jet black that is sleek and glossy, enhanced by the counterpoint of nearly snow white streaks throughout the hair.
The Style: The hair is blown-out straight, and flat ironed for smoothness. The hair is then styled into a topknot on her scalp and the streaks emerge fountain-like to cascade down the head and neck.
The hair is further smoothed by a thin coat of smoothing serum spread evenly across the fingers and the fingers then raked through the hair and run over the bangs to give added shine.

Hair Color Streaks

Hair color with streaks and angled fringe
The Cut: This is a modified asymmetrically-lined bob with a raised back length and heavily-razored ends. The face is framed by the two differing lengths and a sharp, blunt-cut angled fringe.
The Color: Starting from a base of ethnic black hair, the stylists have infused streaks and strips of rich, vibrant color in shades of turquoise and aubergine purple, with touches of white.
The Style: The styling is straightforward and simple. The hair is blown-out straight and flat-ironed to ensure smoothness. A light misting of hairspray prior to flat-ironing will add texture and weight to the straight style, and a few drops of smoothing serum spread over the fingers and then smoothed over the finished hair will add extra shine and a sleek finish.
Hair: Clipso Artistic Team