Wendie Malick Hairstyles

Wendie Malick is an Egyptian American actress and former fashion model, born December 13th 1950.
  • Wendie Malick

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Wendie does not only have an impressive resume but she also captivates with her highly developed and finely tuned fashion sense. It is therefore no wonder that one of her best hairstyles is a classic bob, but just a tad below the chin and all at one length, smoothly curved inward and livened up with subtle blonde highlights on the dark blonde base.
Other famous Malick haircuts include a shoulder long look with a couple of layers, just enough to provide a good life and motion for a curved swing along the sides. A similar hairstyle but with a bit more texture and an outward flip was very flattering and added to Wendie's fresh and energetic appeal.
Her hair colors range between a sunny dark blonde and darker brunette tones, all of which work excellent with her gently tan complexion.
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