Hair Pulled Back into a Knot

Winona Ryder wearing her hair pulled back into a knot
Photo by PR Photos
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A different Winona Ryder appeared super sophisticated at the New York City premiere of "Black Swan" on November 30, 2010 when she wore her dark hair sectioned in the middle and tightly pulled back into a knot.
Winona can get away with such a severe hairstyle because she has an oval/square face shape. The severe hairstyle goes well with her dressy suit and shirt that lends a professional air to her photograph.
Winona is fair skinned with dark eyes. She keeps her eyebrows in a medium to thin shape with a charcoal eye shadow, encircled eyeliner and mascara. Keeping in touch with the trendy lack of blush, she winds up her makeup with a small amount of pink lip tone.
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