Whitney Goin's Hair with Bangs

Whitney Goin hairstyle
Photo by PR Photos
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Whitney Goin just shined while walking down the step and repeat of the 23rd Annual Movieguide Faith and Values Awards on February 6th, 2015. From her whimsical belted butterfly patterned dress and dual bangles to her superbly styled hair.
With the assistance and encouragement of Hairfinder you too can achieve Ms. Goin's coveted hairstyle! Always begin with clean hair or at least clean roots. Dry shampoo can be used if you are pressed for time.
If the hair is wet, section off the crown area and apply a root boot spray (hairspray also works) and concentrate on blow drying the roots up off of the scalp with a gentle, upward tug. After the roots are dry, then apply a blow dry cream to the rest of the damp hair. Section off the bottom from the top and while working on the bottom, wrap hair around the large barrel round brush.
Whitney Goin wearing a butterfly patterned dress
Photo by PR Photos
If you are doing it yourself, divide hair from left to right. Be sure to concentrate the air in the downward to smooth any flyways. A shine spray could be lightly applied to help assist in keeping them down. After each section is round brushed, let it cool off so that the curl has to opportunity to set, that way the curl lasts all day.
Then spray with a shaping hair spray as you go from section to section. Do the same with the bangs and use a curling iron to curl the ends. Finish by spraying with a humidity protectant.
Whitney Goin with long hair and bangs
Photo by PR Photos
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