Long Layered Hairstyle

Wendy Schaal - Long layered hairstyle
Photo by PR Photos
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Remember Valerie Harper? Wendy Schaal is her step-daughter.
Wendy Schaal has full dark blonde hair with slices of warm browns extending to her lengths to match the color of her hair underneath.
Begin this long layered hairstyle with clean hair and apply a heavy duty gel for acquired fullness. Section off the top, sides and crown and middle while beginning in the back with a large round brush and your blow dryer wrapping the hair under the brush rolling it all the way to the head.
Do this repeatedly throughout the whole head. There should be a small tilt of the hair on the ends when you are done. Take the top and place the brush under the hair moving out and on the forehead. Smooth out with spray to lie flatly on the forehead.
I have a vision of this celebrity with small red and brown hair extensions that would fan out in the crown of her upsweep; complementing her emerald green evening dress and pale mint wrap; complete with a set of jade earrings and necklace.
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