Victoria Rowell's Long Hair

Victoria Rowell with long straight hair
Photo by PR Photos
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Victoria Rowell at the Paramount Pictures 2007 Golden Globe Awards on January 15th, 2007.
There is an award of originality related to this celebrity that is one of a kind. Her warm smile extends to the gentle look in her eyes bringing a lovely match with her black long hair that graces below her shoulders.
Styling this straight look for your own would be an easy task; if your hair is cut in ultra long layers like Victoria's is. Always begin with clean, well conditioned hair and your favorite styling crème applied as you begin to section off the back with the usual three sections from the crown area, middle and bottom using a hair clip to secure each part.
Part your hair in the center and join the top area with the side area and clasp with your clip. Repeat with the other side. Take your blow dryer and begin on the bottom of the back with your large round brush encircling the hair as close to the scalp as possible moving out, under and down. Some use spray as they go.
Repeat this whole process with your row and the rest of the back until completely dry. Begin on one of your sides sectioning off the lower part and using your brush doing the same thing working your way up until all of the side and top are completely dry. Do this same procedure on the other side. When done, use a smoothing lotion to smooth the cuticle from being so fly away and spray if desired.
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