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Vanessa Hudgens' Hair Styles

Vanessa Anne Hudgens in 2004 & 2006
Vanessa Hudgens is wearing her hair parted on the side with long straightened hair that is slightly tweaked around her face. Her top is pulled flatly back and hid under the sides of her hair. All this completes a tropical look with the yellow flower in her hair and the sundress she is wearing.

In the next picture our celebrity wears an off centered part and has a mixture of longer black and the medium brown hair nestled together with waves. The sides are pulled back with only a thick tendril displayed on each side. The top has one small section of hair that dangles over the side of her face.
The first picture of Vanessa's pretty face is hindered by the sunshine and does not exhibit her true beauty while the second picture gives full reign of just how beautiful she really is. One has straight hair, the other waves. One is lighthearted, the other sexy. What is your preference?
Vanessa Hudgens - Long hairstyle with waves Side view of Vanessa Hudgens long hair Vanessa Hudgens wearing her hair long with waves Vanessa Hudgens look Vanessa Hudgens with long straight hair Vanessa Hudgens wearing a blue sundress
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