Tracee Ellis Ross Hairstyles

Tracee Ellis Ross is an American actress, born on October 29th 1972 in Los Angeles. Tracee is known for her role as Joan Carol Clayton in the series "Girlfriends".
  • Tracee Ellis Ross

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Huge eyes and huge hair are perhaps the first two attributes that come to mind when describing Tracee's looks. She continues the afro hair magic that was made famous by her mother, Diana Ross, and has made one high volume glamour-fashion statement after the other. Variations in shape and size of her curls as well as in the length of her hair keep things fresh and exciting.
Some of her best hairstyles include very large, feminine curls at a seductive shoulder length and less voluminous but highly elegant, snug updos with a fancy and curly pouf that bring all of the attention to her adorable and beautiful features. Tracee has a very classic face and can wear modern looks as well as retro stylings and looks just as amazing in simple, casual styles as she does with elaborate high fashion creations.
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