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Tina Fey's Hair Styles

Tina Fey's Hairstyle in 2004 & 2006
Early on, Tina Fey wears her hair in the popular long layers with a straightened and smoothed appearance. We are well familiar with that look, aren't we? In the next picture, we can see perhaps a little bit more layers only in curls, whips and dips of waves. Which one appeals to you? Let's look a little bit closer at the two pictures.
In the first picture; there is a serenity and peaceful look. Nice, however; not that exciting. Go to the next picture and look at her face. Does it appear more colorful and more alive?
Is it the combination of what she is wearing and the sunshine and curls? In the first picture, notice the bland color in the background and the fact that what she is wearing looks like a nightgown. Not too heart-stirring. The latter picture appears to generate life and be I.
Tina Fey with her hair in curls
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