Ponytail and Full Blunt Bangs

This country / pop artist is known around the world for her amazing lyrical lines. She is also known for her young, fresh-faced looks. Taylor Swift loves to try different things with her wardrobe and her long hair. This slicked back hairstyle is definitely an interesting one (April 7th, 2013). Her dirty blonde hair is an extremely ashy shade but it works with her cool colored eyes.
She could be accused of pulling her hair back into a boring old ponytail but the full blunt bangs make the overall look quite striking. Her signature curly locks are ironed straight for this more edgy hairstyle. The bangs are rounded out towards the temples to help frame her face and add a touch of softness to the look. This style is a great inspiration to consider if you love pulling your hair back but want some added drama. Bangs are a fabulous solution!
Taylor Swift  with bangs and a high ponytail Taylor Swift - Hairstyle with full blunt bangs Taylor Swift's hair with rounded bangs to frame her face Side view of Taylor Swift's ponytail Taylor Swift wearing a long shimmery dress
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