Svetlana Metkina Hairstyles

Svetlana Metkina is a Russian actress. Svetlana is known for playing the role of a Czechoslovakian reporter in the film "Bobby".
  • Svetlana Metkina

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The statuesque brunette wears her hair long and luxurious with cascades of large curls and waves. A few layers increase the effect and curviness of the curls and distribute the volume evenly along the whole length. The slender silhouette of her hair makes Svetlana appear even taller and skinnier than she already is.
When she does not wear her hair all natural and open she has been seen sporting gorgeous upstyles, one more stunning than the other. Her hair just has the perfect length to be twisted and tweaked into any kind of magnificent and festive hairstyles. But also more casual styles can be easily achieved with a fancy headband or perhaps a thick and long braid. Her warm brown color has a natural richness and reflects the light in shades of honey, dark walnut and amber.
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