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Shakira's Hair

The Columbian queen of the shimmy, Shakira, has one of the hottest voices and amazing long hair. Flowing naturally and with a lot of mojo her mane glistened at the ALMA Awards on August 17, 2008.
If you have long hair and wonder how to get those vivacious small waves - the easiest way is a braiding technique. Weave 4 to 6 braids with damp hair starting tightly at the roots and all the way to the tips, fasten with small rubber bands and for best results leave on over night. Once set open the braids and gently rake through hair with a very wide toothed comb, just to separate strands a little and to fluff it all up. Use flexible hold hairspray.
Shakira's naturally flowing hair Shakira's - Long hairstyle with small waves
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