Neo-Punk Pixie Cut

The Capital Awards in London on March 20th, 2008 were the right setting for Sarah Harding and her "Girls Aloud" to dress in spectacular colors and strut their stuff in front of the huge audience. The purple and orange bow-shouldered dress was complimented by Sarah's neo-punk pixie cut.
If you wonder how to get Sarah Harding's look, first start with a perfect asymmetrical cut. The back is cropped close to the head with short pixie layers. From the top of the crown on the hair is increasing in length towards the front which is parted on the side, creating a diagonal line across the forehead with a long section almost touching the chin. The pure platinum blonde is a great, clear color for such a graphical style.
Sarah Harding - Sort haircut with a close cropped back Side view of Sarah Harding's pixie haircut Modern pixie with a long fringe - Sarah Harding Sarah Harding - Very short hairstyle for blonde hair
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