Valorie Curry Pixie

Valorie Curry Pixie Cut
Valorie Curry – Photos by PR Photos
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Valorie Curry is another wonderful example of pixies gone right. Her style, seen here, is a classic pixie, meaning it is not too long or too short. The radiant red hair color that Valorie so gracefully rocks is the perfect counterpart to her lovely baby blue eyes.
This pretty pixie is cut out around the ears with a lot of short layers to give movement throughout and volume on top. Her deep side part aid the layers as they stack on top of one another to build the desired height while simultaneously, the side bangs swept across her forehead exude feminine elegance.
If you aren’t sure which style of pixie you want to try, this classic pixie is a great starter s tyle. So, print this one and take it to your stylist, you will be happy you did!
Pixie cut with the hair cut around the ears - Valorie Curry
Valorie Curry – Photo by PR Photos
Pixie cuts - Valorie Curry
Valorie Curry – Photo by PR Photos
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