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Katharine McPhee & Amanda Bynes

Katharine McPhee - 09/12/2009

We know Katharine McPhee as having long dark hair that is usually worn either with bangs or not and angled along her sides. She has gone from one end of the pendulum to the other with her hair colored a beautiful platinum beige and cut short in layers that keep her hair smooth and lying close to her head. The ears are covered on the sides and her heavy bangs come down and are fashioned over to one side. The back of her short hairstyle has a little bit of chunky length upon her neck. Then, some would say she is wearing a wig. You be the judge.
Her pixie face is wearing a creamy foundation with a concealor around the eyes, a smoky shadow, eyeliner, lashes and mascara. Her eyebrows are tweezed into an arch and there is the slightest hint of bronze upon her cheek bones. There is a white/natural pink tone for her lips. Her long beaded earrings complete her pretty picture.
Rose Byrne - 09/14/2009

Rose Byrne hairstyle with layers Rose Byrne has an oblong shaped face with beautiful brown soulful eyes. She wears her hair construed in long lengths that is given an off centered part and designed in sectional idle coils. Her natural hair color is a dark brown that has been given bronze and caramel panels that lay upon her shoulders. Rose's hair tends to fall more toward a thicker texture and because of this, would also look good in heavier, shorter layers.
The makeup she is wearing a light pinkish hue, with a concealor in the inner eyes, a light beige shadow, eyeliner, lashes and mascara. Her eyebrows are kept thick that helps keep her eyes looking rich and youthful. Her lips are coated with a natural tawny color. She is wearing a one strap, backless black gown with light and dark hues of orchid. In going with the dress, Rose's hair would look be awe-inspiring with an updo.