Nicky Whelan's Medium Length Hair

Nicky Whelan - Center of the neck hair
Photo by PR Photos
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At a first glance, Nicky Whelan's large gorgeous round earrings appear as being part of her hairstyle. I hope this first glance gives Hollywood some ideas for some new hairstyles to begin on.
To capture this sort of image for yourself, roll the hair in the direction you desire with large rollers and for something different you could roll the last three rows alternating between one row rolled up, the next under and the last row up again. With this type of look, you will have your hair straight and fluffy.
Nicky's straight platinum blonde hair is parted on the side and brought into a sleek satiny form over one of her eyes. The rest of the medium length hair idles around the center of her neck.
Nicky wears a light foundation, with eyeliner, lashes and mascara. Light feathered eyebrows and a minimum amount of blush and a deep reddish tawny lip color.
For maximum color and appeal, a suggestion of a multiple colored scarf or dickie, large multi gold chain or a blue/green/gold satin blouse or camisole would be an asset next to her dark navy blue jacket.
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