Nicola Roberts' Red Hair

Nicola Roberts with red hair
Photo by PR Photos
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It is a well known fact that supporters of the LGBT community and celebrities alike always bring their A game when it comes to the realm of style, so the attendees of the British LGBT Awards held in London on April 24th, 2015 certainly did not disappoint.
Celebrities like Nicola Roberts spared no attention to detail. Her pulsating red hair color is perfectly complimented by her dark green floor length gown. She is a perfect example of how to use hair color to play off of her gown, thus enhancing her overall look.
The singer and songwriter is also known for her vibrant red hair color (level 8 RC red copper). We love her designed and tousled hairstyle for this event. It's polished but not too put together, giving her a chic look.
Nicola Roberts - Red hair that compliments a green gown
Photo by PR Photos
To give yourself the same chic factor, first begin by working on freshly clean, damp hair. The goal is to lift the roots up off of the scalp for volume without making the mid shaft to ends frizzy. To do this, apply a root boost to the scalp and a smoothing heat serum to the rest. Then, blow dry the roots up off the scalp and the rest down until the hair is 80% dry.
Now section hair off from top to bottom, take the round brush and wrap a section around it. Heat the hair up as long as it takes to dry the remaining 20%. Let the hair cool off around the brush to set and voila!
Nicola Roberts hair
Photo by PR Photos
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