Laura Leighton's Red Hair

Laura Leighton - Red hair with lazy curls that nestle around the shoulders
Photo by PR Photos
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Laura Leighton has a chunky zigzag part in the center of her luscious red hair. Each section falls over into light waves and then into lazy curls that nestle around her shoulders. Her hair comes forward toward the face with the waves and then is coiled away from the face.
Looking a little bit closer we can note there are darker lines of a mahogany brown enriching her hairstyle as well. She happens to be a good candidate to have red hair, because her skin has a lot of pink hues and the red hair combined with the pink brings out the blue in her eyes.
Her eyes have concealor, light and smoky taupe shadow, eyeliner, lashes and mascara. Her eyebrows are kept trim with a few penciled strokes involved and there is a minimum amount of blush to accommodate her glossy pink lip tint.
Her attractive jeweled necklace is the icing on the cake and serves as a half frame for her beautiful face.
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