Gina Gershon's Hair

Gina Gershon - Long hairstyle with heavy bangs
Photo by PR Photos
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The ebony delight of hair color portrays an enigmatic appearance to Gina Gershon when we look at her photos. There is an overcast of mahogany tones developed throughout her hair, giving a shimmer of luscious rays to her hairstyle.
Her long hair comes over from the side part into a smooth satin line covering half of her eye and then joining in with the rest of her hair. The rest of the layers lie around her shoulders in idle bends. Notice where the hair looks to curve around itself on the sides and measures about halfway down the neck.
If we cut the rest of the hair off below that edge, I am convinced Gina would look much younger and lighthearted. I would also tweak up the top to get some punch and bounce to get rid of the heavy bangs, as this also would pick up her whole countenance and put more sunshine in her pretty smile.
Gina Gershon with her hair in layers that lie around her shoulders
Photo by PR Photos
Tip: Sometimes our long hair can weigh us down and take away our beauty instead of being an asset. A light fluffy cut especially around the face will make the eyes brighten up and give a cheery effect to a half hearted smile.
There is a natural tone to Gina's foundation with brushed brows, warm eye shadow, eyeliner, lashes and mascara. A small amount of blush and a natural lip tone puts it all together.
Gina Gershon's mahohany hair with shimmer
Photo by PR Photos
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