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Katrina Bowden & Leeza Gibbons

Katrina Bowden - 07/23/2009

Katrina Bowden's hair flows with graceful long tendrils coiled into lazy curls that flow around her shoulders. Her blonde hair has thin strips of light browns and that give a delicate contrast. The off centered part brings a wave that dips around her eye and falls in line with the curls. She is wearing a flowered strapless dress that harmonizes very well with her blonde hair. I would bring her hair over to one side coiled in curls and tied with a dark ribbon to match her dress anda to lie over one shoulder.
Katrina's makeup is impeccably blended with light beiges and smoky shadows, subtle eyeliner on the top and delicately smudged on the lower section, mascara, well kept brows, a hint of blush and transparent lip tint.
Leeza Gibbons - 07/25/2009
Leeza Gibbons wearing her hair long with layers and bangs
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Leeza Gibbons wears her hair in long smooth layers and threaded with brown, blonde, caramel and cinnamon tones. There is a quick short part that combs her hair down for her thick bangs that have been textured to tip just over her brows and gradually extending length upon the sides to allow for any desired waves. As we can see, one side is under the long sheath of hair, while the other side dips along the cheeks and joins the rest of the hair. The under cuff of her hair is a darker warm brown matching some of the ends that lie together. Leeza uses a lot of styling products to get the volume desired for the bulky ribbon effect.
Leeza's makeup has darkened brows, eyeliner, lashes, mascara and white shadow in the inner sections of her eyes and a warm smoky brown in her outer shaft. There is the use of blush/bronze and a light pastel mauve/pink lip color. She is wearing a beautiful light minty green gown that crisscrosses in the front with matching earrings.